A HUGE LINEUP OF EXPERTS / Highly practical talks from the best in the industry.

Susan Weinschenk

Susan Weinschenk (US)

The Brain Lady

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg (US)

Buyer Legends

Brian Massey Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey (US)

Conversion Sciences

Angie Schottmuller

Angie Schottmuller (US)

Interactive Artisan

Joanna Wiebe Copyhackers

Joanna Wiebe (CAN)


Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf (ISR)


Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne (US)

Digital Analytics Association

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal (US)


Paul Rouke

Paul Rouke (UK)


Alex Harris

Alex Harris (US)


Craig Sullivan

Craig Sullivan (UK)

Optimal visit

Tiffany dasilva

Tiffany Dasilva (CAN)


Guido Jansen Euroflorist

Guido Jansen (NL)


Jorden Letze

Jorden Lentze (NL)


Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen Pavlovich (UK)


Joel Harvey Conversion Scientist

Joel Harvey (US)

Conversion Sciences

Bas Van Den Beld

Bas Van Den Beld (NL)

State of Digital

Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley (US)

Author / Brainfluence

Chris Goward

Chris Goward (CAN)

Wider Funnel

Ton Wesseling (NL)


Bart Schutz

Bart Schutz (NL)

Wheel of Persuasion

Jakub Linowski

Jakub Linowski (CAN)


Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart (UK)


Martijn Scheibeler

Martijn Scheibeler (NL)

The Next Web

Henneke Duistermaat

Henneke Duistermaat (UK)

Enchanting Marketing

Tom Waterfall

Tom Waterfall (UK)

Lost my name

Csaba Zajdo

Csaba Zajdo (HUN)


Maura Ginty

Maura Ginty (US)


David Darmanin

David Darmanin (MAL)


Eric Siu

Eric Siu (US)

Single Grain

Els Aerts

Els Aerts (BE)


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith (US)


Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu (ROM)


Justin Rondeau

Justin Rondeau (US)

Digital Marketer

Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman (US)

Digital Marketer

What's Conversion World ? / The online CRO conference back for round 2

Attending conferences is fun. You learn a lot and you get to meet some great people and expand your network.

However, attending conferences isn’t a cheap affair. You have to pay for travel, accommodation and food. Not to mention, time off work and time to catch up with work. If you have family commitments, it can also be hard to justify the time away.

Even if you do attend conferences locally, you may not get the opportunity to see certain experts speak as they may not cover that area.

Conversion World is a conference to help you with all of that. We have gathered 20+ Conversion Rate Optimization experts in one place where everyone has easy access to - The internet. Over 3 days in April 2016, you will get a chance to listen and interact with the best in the industry and learn how to improve your business or that of your clients through CRO.

CONVERSION WORLD 2016 has ended

Part of

Conference Agenda / 3 days of actionable talks

KEYNOTE : The Psychology Of Mobile Customers

In this talk , Talia willl discuss the biggest issues marketers have with mobile, how to go mobile first, what to optimize and how to get to know your mobile visitors better.

E-Commerce Conversion Optimization for the Resource-Impaired Marketing Division

E-commerce marketers typically have, not one hand tied behind their backs, but tied to the backs of developers who they must push and prod to help with the technical aspects of optimizing their websites. Instead of implementing changes you need to increase revenue, they are often found writing reports, attending meetings, out to lunch or continually fighting a full calendar of their own.

For the e-commerce marketer with little to no resources or without a developer available to work with them, Jeremy has some lean approaches that have been successful in the past. He will share some of the insights that he uses in his everyday playbook to push marketing departments and their optimization techniques forward. Sometimes you have to sidestep the methodology and just read everyone the Cliffs Notes.

A Pain-Free Process for Writing Landing Page Copy (Even If You're a Newbie)

The secret to high-converting landing page copy is to assemble rather than write your copy. When you research and plan your copy well, writing becomes a breeze, you don't have to stare at a blank sheet, and your copy will become more persuasive. Join this session of pro copywriter Henneke Duistermaat and learn how to assemble your landing page copy.

Effective Roadmapping: Planning for Optimisation Success

Creating a roadmap is vital for any CRO programme to succeed. Tim Stewart will cover the following in this talk.

  1. Key Stages of establishing effective optimisation strategy and execution
  2. Establishing stakeholders & business objectives
  3. Discovery and Analysis
  4. Prioritisation & Adaptive Roadmapping
  5. Process Optimisation & Iterative adaptation

How to retarget your audience on site & off site to maximize conversions success

We all know popups work, but can be extremely intrusive. In fact, popups by their very nature are meant to be intrusive. When using this type of messaging you have to be as relevant as possible. So we took our ad retargeting strategy (we will cover this in the session) and applied it to our site. In the session we'll discuss both strategies, share how we set this up, and our own internal results.

X-Device Optimisation with Google Analytics

Broken device experiences are almost always — the EASIEST things to demonstrate to clients and one of the EASIEST to get them to actually EXECUTE. In this talk, Craig shows you how to analyse and find device experience gaps and opportunities in your google analytics to get those quick wins.

Building Certainty From Other People’s A/B Tests

There is plenty of knowledge contained within existing experiments, data and a/b tests that have been already carried out. Looking across multiple experiments belonging to other people is a powerful way of building certainty, quickly, and cheaply. By reusing insights from past tests we can try to predict the effects of some patterns without always needing to test everything on our own. Let me tell you a story about how we inspire our own optimization efforts by looking at what other people test, while keeping a healthy dose of skepticism.

Keynote: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Website Redesigns: Why Google is Giving Bad Advice

In November of 2013, sports apparel site Finishline.com launched a complete redesign of its online store. Within a few weeks they had lost some $3 million in sales. What went wrong? Whether you are B2B or B2C, regardless of the size or scale of your site, any redesign has potential risks that can cause your online business to suffer.

In this webinar, Brian Massey will discuss perils of doing a website redesign and how to end up with a site that performs better in the end. He’ll share case studies of redesigns that have soared and those who have crashed. You’ll leave with practical advice on how to assess your existing site, to see if a redesign is even needed. You’ll also find out how Finishline saved their online business.

You'll Learn

  • When to redesign and when to optimize your website.
  • Why the "Going All In" style of redesign is like gambling.
  • How user research plus testing can avoid failures.
  • Five ways to redesign using research and testing.

KEYNOTE: Getting to the 'next best click'

lot of content is created for the sake of creating content. There is no purpose. Are you guilty of that? That’s about to change.

Every piece of content should have a purpose. Everything should convert. In this talk, Bas van den Beld will show you exactly how content can make your audience move, as long as you do the right things. Learn how in each piece of content you will be looking for the ‘next best click’. Everything has a purpose.

You will never create content for the sake of creating content anymore!

SaaS Conversion Optimization: Metrics, Process and Hacks

Learn the foundations of SaaS optimization, including the processes and hacks that have worked on SaaS businesses – both large and small. You'll discover the pitfalls of SaaS optimization: from choosing the right KPIs for your tests (when a free trial can delay purchases), understanding the tipping points that drive engagement, and optimizing to avoid churn.

Cross-cultural website optimization

Euroflorist sends flowers worldwide, has local websites in 12 countries and has an online team with 20 nationalities. Guido shares the challenges that come with testing across multiple cultures and how Euroflorist builds towards continues optimization of the customer experience.

So You Set Up Your A/B Testing Program, Now What?

You’ve started testing and improving your conversion rates a tiny bit and you are running one or two tests as week, but you want more tests so you can generate more results. What opportunities are out there that you can take advantage off to take your testing program really to the next level and how are you able to scale this? In the session I go more in depth on we approached this at The Next Web. We were able to scale up our testing very fast by running over 200 tests in the past 12 months. But what is next for us, we can keep running at high velocity but how we do improve the results that we get from our testing program?

KEYNOTE: Becoming Indispensable: From Analytics Reporter to Trusted Advisor

Jim Sterne provides some practical advice on how to leverage data for your own, personal advancement. With a revealing analogies about how data acts like sand, water, flowers, and gold, Sterne explains how to Becoming Indispensable. Key takeaways include specific advice on how to approach the raw material (data), how to come to grips with the wide variety of tools (technology), how to turn data into valuable business insights and how to communicate those insights to decision makers to make an impact on your business.

"This is a roadmap for moving from a lab technician to a trusted advisor," said Sterne enroute to Johannesburg for yet another meeting on the best use of data to enhance customer centricity. "Probably the most important part is understanding the goals of your business so you can ask really good questions instead of just cranking out more reports and dashboards. That's what lab technicians do. Yes, we need reports, but you become indispensable when you can translate what you have gleaned into business-speak; profit and loss."

Sterne emphasizes the need to not only master the art of data capture, manipulation and analytics, but also understand what motivates internal clients - the people who consume the resulting analysis. "Tying analytics insights to business goals is a good start," Sterne said, "but matching up insights with the goals of individual decision makers is the surest way to make an impact."

The Four Optimizers (Panel)

This tell all session will have a unique spin to it. These three amazing CRO experts are going to interview each other and it will cover everything from running a CRO consultancy to optimization techniques and women in marketing and tech.

Your Marketing Stack is Broken: 5 Ways to Fix It

Nothing makes a marketer pull their hair out like an integrated stack that breaks every other day. And how can you trust any numbers when all of them are different -- even within the same tool? This session will help you formulate the right questions to ask your different systems. Learn 5 ways that you can prevent total baldness and arrange a system that works for your business size and needs.

KEYNOTE: Brainfluence Persuasion: Selling to The Unconscious Mind

t's more difficult and costly to drive website traffic now than ever, so learning how to maximize your results from every visitor is the only path to profitability. Author of the acclaimed best-seller, Brainfluence, Roger Dooley will show you how to eliminate hidden psychological bottlenecks in your marketing that reduce conversion. By using strategies based not on guesswork but on solid science, you’ll gain an edge on your less “brainy” competition.

KEYNOTE: The Future Belongs to the Optimizers

Today is the best time in history to be an evidence-led marketer. Data is available everywhere, tools are improving daily, and the business climate is data-friendly. You hold in your hand the keys to the kingdom.

But, you must not squander the opportunity. It will be taken away unless you use it wisely. In this session, you’ll hear from Chris Goward, optimization thought-leader, how leading businesses are using optimization processes to gain dramatic revenue lift and insights. You’ll walk away with practical strategies to drive real, tested business results.

5 Insanely actionable conversion hacks to boost ecommerce conversion rates

Csaba Zajdo is an ecommerce specialist, founder of OptiMonk and several other projects specialising in conversion. If it has to do with conversion optimisation and ecommerce, Csaba is interested. In his talk, he will show you tactics you can deploy right away to get some serious uplift on your ecommerce conversion rates.

The rise of the user

How important it is to put the user at the center of our research? How will understanding the user help you understand how to optimise your website and the user experience. Attend this talk and David will share his experience and knowledge on the subject

How user research can help you to improve conversions: 6 cases

In this talk, Els guides you through a detailed user research process using 6 real world examples. This is not theory but practical knowledge that will help you build the foundation for the ideas you use to improve conversions through AB-testing and beyond.

CRO Lessons in a Rapid Growth Startup

Tom discusses his role at Lostmy.name, one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the UK. Lost My Name’s goal? Share more magical moments with more children through the power of personalisation, storytelling, and of course – CRO. In this talk, Tom tells of the trials and tribulations of building a testing culture at the e-commerce startup in a handful of punchy lessons from failing fast to growing a community of testing and data enthusiasm.

Turning Data and Insight into Actionable Marketing Results

Learn proven strategies to gather qualitative data and quantitative insight from your existing traffic to your website. Leverage this intelligence to increase leads through irresistible email opt-ins or by enticing your visitors to call you NOW. You will leave with practical ideas you can implement immediately to run more effective marketing campaigns, increase your sales and generate more leads.

Attention is the main asset in CRO

Our attention span decreased as the devices got closer to our bodies. And attention is the main asset we are trying to get from the visitor's journey.

What conversion optimization hacks can we learn from a goldfish, Tom Cruise and a woman conditioner advertisement? Valentin is eager to share them with you in this session, based on his privilege of observing >10k experiments in the last years.

6 Paid Advertising Tactics for 2016

Converting a user starts from the very first point of interaction. Often, paid advertising is that first point of interaction. In this session, Eric Siu of digital marketing agency Single Grain will cover 6 effective paid advertising tactics that you can use to grow your business TODAY.

Watch as he guides you how to run successful paid ad campaigns that will lay the stepping stone to converting your visitor onsite :

  1. YouTube ads
  2. Gmail ads
  3. Facebook paid content promotion
  4. Facebook lead ads
  5. Instagram ads
  6. LinkedIn ads
  7. Quick SEO Tip
  8. Set of tools that we love to use

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Nir Eyal opens up to your questions. Here's your chance to ask the author and behavioral expert your questions about user behavior, habits and more

Keynote: Why Has CRO Become a Dead-End?

“We [CRO practitioners] are the dirt under the fingernails of the digital industry,” said CEO André Morys of Web Arts in the foreword of a recent ebook by Cconversion agency PRWD featuring seventeen well known CRO professionals. He is correct! It’s clear that CRO isn’t perceived as a strategic advantage. It’s seen as a tactic relegated to junior managers and a first-to-cut line item when tightening corporate marketing budgets. If you are attending the Conversion World conference this should disturb you!

In this tell-all keynote, Jeffrey will reveal the intimate secrets that even insiders rarely get to hear about conversion rate optimization.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • why conversion rate, an output metric, can’t be optimized like an input
  • why most marketers are still in the dark ages about testing
  • why “best practices” are actually impediments to insight
  • how conversion rate optimizers hurt themselves when reporting data
  • why marketers have settled for way-too-low conversion rates
  • and, finally why the C-Suite doesn’t trust or empower CRO practitioners

Keynote : Top 10 Things You Need To Know About People

Brain and perceptual science research is exploding with new and sometimes strange insights about how people perceive and respond to the world around them. If you want to incorporate brain and behavioral science into your work, you will want to hear Dr. Susan Weinschenk’s top 10 items she has picked from her latest book, 100 MORE Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People.

For example, Do you know what the latest research on peripheral vision means to getting people to take action? Is online reading changing our brains? How much do people REALLY read online? What is the best way to get people How important are generational differences when it comes to how people react to our products? And more...


Our Amazing Partners

Digital Marketer

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Undecided about attending ConversionWorld? / Here's answers to questions you may have

Conversion World is an online CRO conference where you can learn from all the conversion experts no matter where in the world you are located. The virtual conference allows you to interact with speakers and attendees and improve your skills as a conversion optimizer or marketer.

Three whole days of interactive talks

Test your skills with fun A/B testing games and more

Network with other marketers and optimizers all over the world

Access to private Slack group

Find potential clients or companies to work with

Exclusive offers from our partners

#1: Discover the secret sauce of how the experts do CRO : Practical, actionable conversion optimization, UX and analytics sessions from the world’s leading experts— all from the comfort of your home or office.

#2: Reduce your trial and error time: Fast-track your time to success by learning from the successes and failures of our expert speakers? The experts at this event will empower you to focus on what really works (and prove to others it works).

#3: Improve your professional development at a low cost: Most conferences cost thousands of dollars for travel and lost work time while attending a physical event. Not at Conversion World, because it all happens online. Click here for pricing!

#4: Live or recorded. You decide: All of our sessions are held online! You can attend live sessions or catch the video recordings, download audio files and study transcripts in your own time.

#5: Network with Conversion Optimizers just like you: Make new connections in our private and exclusive Slack group and chat live with other participants during the talks or after.

Let's consider how much a typical CRO conference normally costs. Without naming any specific conference, you'd be looking at an upward of $750 on average. That is without factoring in any travel, accommodation and meals. Not to mention time away from work.

Our tickets are economically priced to give you the most value. You're getting to learn from the best in the industry at a fraction of what it would cost you to see them all live at a physical conference

Your ticket gives you

Access to three whole days of talks from global conversion experts

Upgrade your ticket to receive recorded videos of all sessions

Access to exclusive Slack group with speakers and attendees

Exclusive offers from sponsors

Whilst we cannot replace offline networking, we are trying something different for this conference. We have a private Slack group for speakers and attendees. During the live sessions, we will recommend relevant attendees that you can interact with.

Conversion Optimizers

SEO, PPC & Digital marketing professionals

MD & C Level Management

Our complete agenda is available on our website.

The conference starts on 18th April & finishes on 20th April.

The times for the conference are 2pm GMT - 11 pm British Summer time.

Click here to view the full agenda and times in your timezone